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Plastic? No Thanks!!!

is about saving the world, one plastic bag, bottle, straw etc. at a time. Drive your cart, quad, boat or space shuttle, in top-down view against a scrolling background, to collect as many discarded objects as possible before your vehicle's energy runs out. Collect awards and powerups to extend time.


- early access available on STEAM & other stores


Released initially for Windows (800x600), and shortly the version for android tablets (800x600), which will be followed by another version for Smart Phones (800x480)


NB: A percentage of profits will be donated to various plastic cleanup organisations.


Alien Revival

is a First Person Shooter, in which you'll get to avoid, maim, kill, a variety of rebels, government troops, vigilantes, infected (zombies), and others, with a variety of weapons. While you're at it build up experience points (XP) cash (bucks), find and use a range of items, upgrade your weapons and other kit,  in a multitude of different scenarios in a progressing storyline...



Pic - Alien revival - First Person Shooter - kill zombies, rebels, and others, collect and use items, expose conspiracies, amass wealth and XP (experience) etc...

- early access available on STEAM & other stores


It is intended to translate this project onto Mobile Platforms.


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