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FPS game for Windows PC. (First Person Shooter)


Pic - Alien revival - First Person Shooter - kill zombies, rebels, and others, collect and use items, expose conspiracies, amass wealth and XP (experience) etc...


- early access available on STEAM & other stores


Starting out as a government agent, you slowly realise that all is not as it seems. A viral outbreak is slowly turning people into brainless killing machines. There are rumours the virus is nothing other than a government conspiracy.


Discovering the truth, you switch sides to join the rebels, but before proving especially effective against the conspiracy, become infected, and have to focus on finding the cure for yourself.


In the course of the search you realise, the rebels are a setup, just a front for the government conspiracy. Going it alone you seek the real truth behind the conspiracy, so as to mount a grand last stand to defend our planet and crumbling society.


Travelling globally, between alternate dimensions, even through time, you suspect that the government asked the aliens to create the infection in order to reduce the earth's population to a more manageable level. If so, perhaps naively, the aliens may have gone along with it, not realising the effect of their contribution.


The Aliens have been here all along, under the ocean (Bermuda Triangle/Atlantis) watching humanity and waiting for the right time to rejoin us on the surface...  

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