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ALIEN REVIVAL: Episode 1 Duty Calls..., with Episode 2: Dark Surgery 

Pic - Alien revival - First Person Shooter - kill zombies, rebels, and others, collect and use items, expose conspiracies, amass wealth and XP (experience) etc... GAME IN DEVELOPMENT
- early access available on STEAM & other stores


Join the government service as a lone agent...


Society is breaking down, health scares, terrorist attacks; citizens have defied the law and armed themselves, etc.


A curfew has been instituted, so anyone you meet is suspect, and a viable target, just get out there, collect various documents, valuable items, cash, ammunition and health packs etc. and eliminate any and all opposition.


As the game continues, discover and expose conspiracies, collect experience, cash, artefacts, documents, components etc. These will help with the development and procurement of new technologies, all the while earning towards achievement badges. 

EPISODE 1: Duty Calls


EPISODE 2: Dark Surgery...

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